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Our team has being dedicated to provide a gentle care to your child and a lifetime of good oral health for over 10 years.

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How we started?

It all started with the idea of providing great dental care to all children in the Norcross area.

2004 – 2011


Dental Now Kids Services

Providing Pediatric Dental Care for children has been a slogan from the start.


Hiring more staff on your request

Strategically increasing our team as we grow slowly, we continuously bring on board new professional staff into our team.


Focusing on Dental Pediatric

Our main focus has been to provide great dental pediatric care to all of our patients.
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2011 – 2020


Opening several new offices

The opening of new offices is part of our strategy to continue providing great pediatric dental care in more places.


Orthodontics Treatment

We provide high-quality orthodontic care for patients seeking an orthodontist near Norcross.
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4151 Steve Reynolds Blvd Ste 201,
Norcross GA 30093

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